Five good reasons to learn French on Skype!

It has been more than a year now that I have come back to France, and I keep teaching Fench to my dear students in Australia, using Skype or Facetime mainly. And you know what? My students are thrilled! They keep learning French very efficiently, and in an atmosphere that is as nice as if it was face to face.

Are you interested in learning French on Skype as well? Here are five good reasons for you to learn French on Skype. Tested, and especially approved!



1. It is more convenient for you :

No need to go to a school or to sit down in a full classroom. If you learn French on Skype, you don’t even need to go out of your house! All you need is your computer with Skype, or your phone with Facetime or Whatsapp, and an Internet connection, and that’s it!

2. You will have easy access to all the documents you need before your lessons :

No need either to buy plenty of books recommended by your teacher which you will barely open and read. If you learn French with me using Skype, I will send you all the documents you will need for learning French at least 24 hours before your lesson. You will receive these documents by email, and then you can either print them to have them next to your computer during the lesson, or just open them in another window on your computer during the lesson.

3. You won’t need to take any notes :

If you learn French on Skype, you don’t need to write anything! You can forget all your bad memories from school when you had to copy all the stuff your teacher was writing on the board. During your Skype lessons, I acually take notes for you, both new words and grammar rules, everything! Then I will send you all these new words and French rules, organised and without any spelling mistakes, and you will receive it straight into your mailbox. All you need to do is to print it or to save it on your computer, as you want!

4. It is easy to pay :

Safe transfer of money online, either on my Australian account if you are Australian, or on my French account if you are in France! You can choose and let me know at what rhythm you want to pay your lessons : every week, every month, or for the next three months, it is up to you : choose what is best for you!

5. It is fun and serious at the same time :

My previous and current Australian students can testify : my French lessons face to face in Dunsborough and the Margaret River region were always relaxed, fun, but also serious and studious. It is the same on Skype!

As a bonus : many apps can be used!

I use mainly Skype, but also Facetime, Whatsapp, Messenger… with or without camera. And if you wish to work on the grammar without any speaking exercises, email lessons are also possible.

To conclude :

Learning French on Skype, is like learning French face to face!

Don’t forget to visit my Testimonials page, the first ones are about Skype lessons specifically.

And most importantly, do not hesitate to book your first Skype lesson by contacting me by email at : , first lesson is a try and is also free!

Talk to you very soon! Marion


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